Configure Ghost on Dreamhost VPS

If you have a Dreamhost VPS, you can install and run NodeJS applications.

These instructions demonstrate how to install, and run the Ghost blogging platform; they also provide a good road map for hosting NodeJS apps in general.

More on Ghost

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Hey someone got McSweeney’s all over the New Yorker


Strange yet familiar

Wonderful photos of Japan in the 1950s.

Number 16 is the best.

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Star Wars High

I generally find all the “Star Wars” retreads in popular culture to be tedious. Leave that dead horse alone! However, these illustrations of “Star Wars” characters as high school kids in the 80s are adorable.

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Gothamites by Perry Maple

Project Rooftop highlights some wonderful Batman character designs by Perry Maple.

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Erase your Feedly account

Feedly finally updates to allow users to delete their own account.

Previous Feedly nonsense.

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Babies are dumb

Babies are dumb

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Default system fonts on mobile platforms

Tinytype is a great resource, charting all the system fonts available on major mobile platforms.

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Khoi Vinh says goodbye to blog comments

Khoi Vinh discusses some updates to his website, including removing comments altogether.

Comments are mostly rubbish. In rare occasions a website can generate a vibrate commenting community. Most often, though, comments are just a vector for spam or a way for to increase page views for advertising.

Twitter and other media make blog comments obsolete.

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Opt out of Dropbox’s arbitration clause

Dropbox wants its users to handle all disputes via arbitration. You probably don’t want to do that.

Dropbox’s opt out form

via Clutter

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